Meet Your Maker

Maker: Catalina Bellizzi-Itiola

Painter and Jewelry Artist
Home Base: San Diego, CA

What themes are you exploring in your painting practice?

Right now in my work I’m exploring themes of spirituality as a protected space. It’s so hard to walk through the world and not feel affected by current events and places in our society still influenced by unbalanced power dynamics, especially as a woman. I’ve been desperately trying to re-locate that invisible place where my spiritual practice is an escape, a place where I can find my true self, and a deep well I can draw from to still love others and show generosity. Painting has been helping me visually represent it, but in the process of creating the work I’m accessing that space for myself. Because of that, my paintings have been taking me months to make, but I don’t think I could have it any other way. Every single shape, no matter how simple or gritty, is the result of days worth of prayer, breathing, meditation, contemplation. I don’t think I could rush that process.

As a painter & multidisciplinary artist how did your work transition to jewelry?

As far as jewelry goes, because my oil paintings require so much from me mentally and conceptually, I need an outlet to just create beautiful things for the sake of beautiful things. I’m a maker at my core, and even though I’m high concept at times there’s another part of me that just enjoys shit that looks good.

What type of woman do you have in mind when you make your jewelry?

The jewelry I create seeks to empower women. Women who are busy hustling and want easy statement pieces that pull their look together. My earrings have a big Instagram following because I create earrings that are lightweight, unique, happy, and bold.

Where can people follow you?

The best place to follow me is on Instagram @cataphant. I conduct all of my creative business from there, and it’s the place you’ll find my best jokes and reposts of the world’s funniest memes.

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